Krampusse in Zell am See

The time is near, ‘Krampusse’ in very special and different shapes will be shown to all of you.

It’s one of the oldest Austrian customs, which is still very popular in the region Pinzgau and is also the kick-off for the advent season. In former times, people where dressing up as ‘Krampusse’ to expunge bad spirits, nowadays it became a tradition and serves for entertainment. This custom is taking place every year from the end of November until the 7th December. Also in the region of Pinzgau and in Zell am See you are going to meet some of the creatures called ‘Krampus’.


The Zeller ‘Krampusrun’

 On 5th December 2016 one of the most famous ‘Krampusruns’ in the region of Pinzgau is taking place this year in Zell am See. It will happen at the Civic Centre of Zell am See. There you can enjoy delicious mulled wine which will keep you warm to watch the ‘Krampusse’ running around and making their great show. There are going to be about 20 different teams from the region and the St. Nicholas is leading them.

According the custom, St. Nicholas is rewarding the good ones and the ‘Krampusse’ are punishing the bad ones. St. Nicholas will be at the Civic Centre at about 5:30 pm, afterwards at about 7:00 pm the show will begin. When the big show is finished and St. Nicholas has given enough sweets to the kids, the open run will begin. There will be no barriers anymore and the ‘Krampusse’ will run around free in the crowd. So if you don’t like them too much and don’t want a hit, better join us in our bar ‘Greens XL’ and have some drinks.

If you still don’t have enough of our ‘Krampusse’, you have several different opportunities to view them. On 4th December 2016 there will be a great show for kids and grown-ups in Thumersbach, in a district of Zell am See. If you have the will to go by car a little longer, we would recommend the shows in Saalfelden, Niedernsill, Mittersill or in Bruck an der Glocknerstraße. Further information to these shows you will get in our place hotel ‘Grüner Baum’.


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