01. Januar 2024
Willkommen in der Welt von Seniorchef
Karl Halbmayr

This time we are taking you from Salzburger Land to the heart of Austria, the Mostviertel. In addition to charming villages and the gently rolling hills south of the Danube, you will also find the wild and romantic mountain world around the Ötscher, Hochkar, Dürrenstein and Gippel. And as the name MOSTVIERTEL suggests, it is also known for a centuries-old craft steeped in tradition: cider and brandy production.

Senior chef Karl Halbmayr has been passionately producing high-quality ciders, brandies, liqueurs and juices on his idyllic square farm in St. Valentin for more than 25 years. The art of distillation has been cultivated and practised there for several generations. 


"I see my interest in the production of cider, brandies and juice as a challenge to produce high-quality, regional products and to recognise the individual flavours." Karl Halbmayr, brandy and cider sommelier


Pleasure for all the senses

Cider production: 
The main ingredient for most of the delicious drinks in the Mostviertel is the apple. The orchards that adorn the hills of the region are rich in different apple varieties, from sweet to sour. The careful selection of apples and their gentle processing are decisive for the quality of the end product. Traditional cider presses, modern juice extraction techniques and a wealth of experience come together here to produce a clear, fruity cider that captures the essence of the region.


The noble brandy process:
A treasure in the Mostviertel is undoubtedly the Edelbrand - a distillate made from various fruits, including pears, plums and apricots. The process of making brandy requires not only craftsmanship, but also a deep understanding of the fruit and its individual flavours. After harvesting, the fruit is cleaned, crushed and fermented before being distilled in copper stills. The result is a fine, clear brandy that reflects the diversity of the Mostviertel orchards.


Numerous awards such as "Das goldene Stamperl" and "Die goldene Birne" underline the incomparable flavour, the passion in production and the selection of fruit for Karl Halbmayr's products. 


To the awards ⇢

The importance of tradition: 
The art of cider and brandy production in the Mostviertel is not just a craft, but a living tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Many businesses that have dedicated themselves to the production of cider and brandies rely on tried and tested family recipes and thus preserve the authentic flavours of the region.


This is what the Mostviertel tastes like:
At the cosy square farm, visitors also have the opportunity to discover the variety of specialities produced by brandy and cider sommelier Karl Halbmayer. During a detailed guided tour followed by a tasting, many a secret about cider and brandy production is revealed. The harmonious combination of flavour, aroma and atmosphere makes enjoying the various products an unforgettable experience. 

You can find more information at: www.hk-most.at


A piece of the Mostviertel with us at the
Hotel & Restaurant Grüner Baum

At our hotel & restaurant, you also have the opportunity to taste the premium schnapps from senior manager Karl Halbmayr or purchase them as a delicious souvenir to take home. Please visit us at our reception or ask our service staff about the available varieties.

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